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Other 70# Text 100# Gloss Text 80# Cover 110# Uncoated Cover 80# Gloss Cover 12pt. C1S

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Sending Files

We encourage our customers to provide electronic files. For your benefit, we have both Macintosh and Windows computers.

WE RECOMMEND USING  SERVICE, instead of email if possible. With spam and computer viruses running wild, some emails never make it to their destination, often without the sender being aware of the failure. Many internet service providers limit the size of the attachments. Also, WeTransfer's file transfer system is faster and more reliable. Best of all, it can send large amounts of files at once, and it will send you an email response when we receive and have downloaded your files. PDF files preferred.

How do I make a pdf?

Here are some free websites were you can convert files to pdf if needed.

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Customer Service

Even when we close our doors and go home at night, we're still just a point and click away.

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